The Qld Government has released a solar battery rebate to QLD homeowners..

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The Queensland Government’s Battery Booster program will provide rebates to eligible Queenslanders to buy and install household solar battery systems to use with new or existing rooftop solar systems.

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The Battery Booster Program is here…

We’re thrilled to share the official details of the rebate program, outlining eligibility criteria for purchasing a solar battery and the exciting rebate offerings.

Unlock the power of solar energy and significantly cut down your electricity bills. This battery rebate program is tailored to provide cost-effective and eco-friendly energy solutions to all Queenslanders.

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Summary of the Minimum Requirements

There will be minimum requirements for households to be eligible for the program. Full details will be published when the program opens.

  • Maximum income: Applicants must have a combined annual household taxable income of $180,000 or less.
  • Battery purchase date: Home battery systems will only be eligible if purchased on or after 12 February 2024. Any batteries purchased before the program opening date and before receiving conditional approval will not be eligible under the program.
  • Minimum battery system size: A minimum 6 kilowatt hour (kWh) battery needs to be purchased from an approved battery systems list.
  • Approved battery system: Only battery systems on the list are eligible for the rebate. This list can be found on the Queensland Government website here.
  • Safety inspection: Applicants must agree to a safety inspection of the installation to be performed by a government-appointed inspector.
  • Minimum solar PV system size: Households must have at least a 5kW solar PV system (new or existing). If you don’t have a solar system installed, you can include one in your approved battery purchase.
  • Registered property owner: Applicants must be the registered owner of the Queensland residential property where the battery is planned to be installed; whether it’s a house, community lot (i.e. retirement village home or townhouse) or granny flat.
  • Approved installer: The battery system must be installed by an approved installer. The list of approved installers can be found on the Queensland Government website here. Solar Install Co has been confirmed as an approved installer for the Battery Booster Rebate Program.

If your planned battery system does not meet the minimum requirements, it will not be eligible for a rebate.

Detailed information regarding the eligibility criteria for the program can be found here.

How Much is the Rebate?

The scheme will be open to individual homeowners with a combined household income below $180,000 a year, with approved batteries to be supplied by approved installers.

Low-income Rebate
A rebate of up to $4,000 is available for households where the highest income earner earned under $66,667 for the most recently ended financial year (2022/23).

Standard Rebate
A rebate of up to $3,000 is available for applicants with an income of less than $180,000 for the most recently ended financial year (2022/23). If the applicant has a spouse, the combined income of the whole household must not exceed $180,000 for the most recently ended financial year.

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How to apply

As the homeowner, you must apply for the rebate with the Queensland Government directly.

The application process has 2 stages:

Conditional Approval: You must receive a quote from an approved installer and apply for conditional approval from the Queensland Government before committing to the battery purchase and installation.

Rebate Approval: Once you have been conditionally approved by the Queensland Government, you can proceed with the purchase of the battery and its installation. Once the system has been installed and paid for, your invoice will need to be submitted to the Government to receive the rebate payment. The Queensland Government notes that you will need to demonstrate that you are still eligible at the time you submit for the rebate payment.

A Queensland Government-appointed inspector will conduct safety inspections on installations approved for a Battery Booster Rebate.

Detailed information regarding the application process for the program can be found here.

Click the link below to begin the application process (You will be redirected to the Queensland Government website)